V2 Plus - Physical Sky Comparison Chart

One of the most exciting new features in SU Podium V2 Plus is the addition of the Physical Sky 2 option.

Podium's new Physical sky model was designed to give users a more realistic representation of physical light levels seen throughout the course of a day.

About the chart: This chart, by Nicolas Harvey, illustrates the difference between Podium's two physical sky options, rendered using Exterior 1.07 preset at summer solstice, with default Intensity & Exposure values. All items, grass, treeline, and clouds, can be found in the Podium Browser.

  • Podium Physical Sky 1: Podium's physical sky simulates a clear day using the date and time set in SketchUp. Physical Sky 1 improves upon the result given by SketchUp's default background, however this 1st version of the Podium sky often produces unwanted brightness and unnatural color shifts near dusk and dawn.

  • Podium Physical Sky 2: The second version corrects those two issues by giving more realistic sunrises and sunsets, with no unwanted colors below the horizon. During daylight hours, Physical Sky 2 is slightly brighter with a more cyan tone than Physical Sky 1. For this reason, we kept the first physical sky, which remains a useful option for daytime renderings.