New! SU Podium V2 is avaialablehere.

Panorama Gallery Flash version

To see how a commercial Panoramic software program converts SU Podium equirectangular images to Panorama Shockwave Flash file, see below.

  1. Main Pano Gallery. Click this link to view the main Pano Gallery page. This page has quite a few sample panorama VRs.
  2. For lower resolution mobile version.Click here for smaller version of Panorama VRs. This sample page is particular useful if your connection speed is slow or you have a mobile device.
  3. Click here to see iFrame version version using .jpg files. The original equirectangular images generated by SU Podium V2.5.1 to a lower resolution .jpg file. This will show how an iFrame works. Please note that iFrames do not work well with Safari.
  4. Download page so you can download the Panorama VR files in to your local drive.

ShockWave Flash version -your browser must have a shockwave flash plug-in installed.

This was rendered at 2500 X 1250. You can see the Shockwave version retains a slightly higher resolution than the HTML version and is very portable.

The Pano City car show room. Rendered with V2.5.1 at 3,000 X 1,500. Rendered with interior_default preset. HTML5 generated by PIE in SU Podium V2.5.006 beta. Camera tilt is 0.