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Podium Browser 2 Released: What's New?

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    Podium Browser 2 has been released. What's new?
    • New categorization to find what you want faster.
    • New keyword search.
    • A way to find the most recent uploaded files.
    • New user interface.
    • And ofcourse more content.
    Podium Browser Paid category has well over 4,000 render ready original components that you can click and drop in to SketchUp to produce photo-realistic rendering very quickly. In January 2013 another 100 items ranging from kitchen components to 2D face me people were added to the Paid content section. More importantly a new version of Podium Browser was released. There's no need to take any action on your end. The new version will load automatically.
    New Keyword and Category search helps you pin point what you need.
    New method of display recently added content quickly
    New categorization with categories and sub-catogories arranged logically.