Podium Browser - What's new in November, 2013

Podium Browser Paid content works inside SketchUp from a continually updated web content server. All Browser content are render-ready for SU Podium V2 to help you quickly design and visualize, interior and exterior models. Drag and drop any one of the 6,000 well crafted components and materials, to achieve your design intent quickly.

Developed for Cadalog, Inc. by Nat Ellis. This kitchen model is comprised largely of Podium Browser content, modeled in SketchUp and then rendered in SU Podium V2.

Note: Mac OS 10.9 Maverick Safari 7 problem has been fixed. If you are a Mac 10.9 users click here to find the details.

What's has been added and what is coming in Paid content in November 2013?

More interior, exterior, door handles, kitchen components, counter tops, plants, light fixtures, bedroom furniture, handicap signs.

Updated recessed lights video tutorial

Many of the new the recessed lights have been updated so that you only have to insert them on a ceiling or a wall face. Exploding and trimming is not necessary. This video tutorial explains how.

Click on the above image will link to a YouTube video. For greater video resolution pick the HD option.

Bedroom Interior Example

    The above model includes furniture, light fixtures and materials from Podium Browser. The modeling was done in SketchUp. The rendering was done with SU Podium V2. Click on the image to view a higher resolution.

About Podium Browser

Podium Browser Paid content has over 6,000 render ready components that you can click and drop in to SketchUp to produce photo-realistic images very quickly. Embedded in the various categories are thousands of Podium materials, textures, furniture items, plants, faucets, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, 3D and 2D trees, grass, 2D people, 3D cars, exterior items and light fixtures. These are all modeled with skill and crafted with SU Podium V2 properties. This will enable you to create your kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, exteriors and landscape designs in SketchUp effectively. Rendering the Browser components photo-realistically with SU Podium V2 or Podium Walker does not require anything but to turn the render button on. Podium Browser is included in SU Podium V2 free trial or full version. The Paid content must be purchased.

Podium Browser Paid content is $59.00 for a permanent license. You will be able to continue to access new content as a Paid content owner. Read about it here.

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    From Cadalog, Inc. makers of SU Podium V2, Podium Browser, Podium Walker, SU Animate and various SketchUp plug-ins.