Looking for SU Podium v2.5+ and other commercial products?

Go to the Free Evaluation page and download. If you have a license, you can activate the free trial to unlock the evaluation mode.

Podium Extras

Podium Extras is included in the install of SU Podium V2.5.8 for SketchUp 2018 and SU Podium V2.5.7 for SketchUp 2017. It is also included in the patch install of PodiumExtras V2.5.7 for SketchUp 2017. If you are using SketchUp 2016, please go to the Podium Extras page and install the PodiumExtras.RBZ extension.

Plug-ins packaged in the Poodium Extras installer include: Nudge, GenerateAll, RenderAll, Light Fixture Outliner, Reset edge smoothing, and CubicVR.

Read about PodiumExtras here.

Free plugins for Podium and SketchUp:

These first five plugins (RenderAll through Reset Edge smoothing) are all included with the Podium Extra extension.

Nudge allows you to translate, scale, or rotate groups and components along any axis. Although specifically designed to randomise perfectly aligned, scaled and rotated components like plants and furniture, it can also be used for a series of precise incremental transformations. Read more here.

Nudge is part of Podium Extras:

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install Nudge.

RenderAll Scenes Beta for SU Podium V2.5.5 is for SketchUp 2017 and 2016/ 2015.

RenderAll scenes is an extension for SketchUp that will render all or as many scenes in your SketchUp model as you want. Now works on the Mac too. Read more about RenderAll Scenes here.

RenderAll is part of Podium Extras .RBZ

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install RenerAll.


GenerateAll Scenes Beta is a free plugin that lets you automatically generate a Podium render script for every scene in your model. Scripts can then be rendered from OOPR or Podium Server, at a later time, or from a different computer if necessary.

GenerateAll is part of Podium Extras:

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install GenerateAll.

 GenerateAll Beta requires V2.5.519 for SketchUp 2016/ 2015 and V2.5.601 or newer for SketchUp 2017 to run; click here to read more about GenerateAll and download Podium updates if needed.

CubicVR Beta is for SU Podiumm V2.5.519 or V2.5.601 and above users with SketchUp 2015, 2016 or 2017.

CubicVR is an alternative way to create SketchUp non-photo-realistic Panoramas from six cubic images. It's also very useful for creating SketchUp sketchy line style Panoramas to use as overlays to provide line edges for Podium panoramas. Read more about CubicVR Beta here

Note: As of October 11, 2016, CubicVR has changed to match the panoramas of SU Podium V2.5.519 and above. Please update your SU Podium to V2.5.519 if you want to create Panorama overlays.

Install RBZ files from within SketchUp's extensions manager.

CubicVR is part of Podium Extras .RBZ

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install CubicVR.

LightFixture Outliner or LFOutliner is a free Podium plugin that lets you automatically analyse the contents of your light fixtures for Podium Browser. It will then allow you to easily find specific Light Fixtures and their light sources and change the power level of the omni or spot lights in the Light Fixtures. It bypasses the need to use SketchUp's Outliner.

  Click here to read about LFOutliner and learn more about how to operate the plugin.

LFOutliner is part of Podium Extras .RBZ

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install Light Fixture Outliner.

Reset Edge Smoothing for SU Podium V2.5.X is for SketchUp 2017, 2016 or 2015.

Reset Edge Smoothing, will reset all the materials in the SketchUp model to a Podium material setting of Low Edge Smoothing. The program also contains a way to undo the reset and also a way to reset all materials to Default Edge Smoothing. Read more about Reset edge here.

Reset Edge Smoothing is part of Podium Extras .RBZ

Download PodiumExtra.rbz to install Reset Edge Smoothing

Download Section Tools for SketchUp 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and SU 8, Win/ Mac 32-bit:

Download the .RBZ file      |     Download the Zipped .RBZ

SU Podium section tools is included in the 64 bit version of SU Podium V2.5 for SketchUp 2015/ 2016 64 bit. You do not need to install this if you are using V2.5.x with SU 2015/ 2016 64 bit. Mac version of SketchUp is a 64 bit version.

The SUPodium Section Tool creates a "physical" section of your model where the selected SketchUp section plane is located. This enables you to use SU Podium V2.x Plus to render the physically sectioned model. SU Podium Section Tool does not change your original model but makes a copy of the current model in the same directory as the original .skp file.

More info: Read more about Section Tools here.

Please note - The above download is for SU Podium users who are using 32 bit versions of SketchUp only. It is included in all 64 bit versions of SU Podium V2.5.x for SketchUp 2015 and up.

Download EditInPlace for SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

 Download the Zipped .RBZ

EditInPlace lets you overcome SketchUp's clipping plane by modifying a component or group definition in a separate SketchUp window. After making your modifications to the component/group definition, EditInPlace lets you update instances of the selected definition in the original model. Read more about EditInPlace here.

Note: You do not need to download and install EditInPlace if you have SU Podium V2.5 Plus or SU Animate 4.x.

Download OmniGrid V2 for SketchUp 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and SketchUp 8, Win/ Mac:

Download the .RBZ file      |     Download the Zipped .RBZ

Omni Grid is a plug-in for SU Podium V2.5 or for Podium Walker that allows you to create a grid of point lights or omni lights above or below a planar surface (SketchUp face). By creating a grid of omni lights Omni Grid creates a relatively even source of light over a wide space. It is best for interior rendering. A superior even source of light is LEM in SU Podium V2.

Once you have installed OmniGrid, OmniGrid will be available from the context menu in SketchUp when you select a face.

Download Make Fur plugin by Takuji Hatakawa:

Make Fur plugin is not a Cadalog, Inc. program. However, we recommend it for use with 2½D Grass from Podium Browser.

Download the .RBZ file

Learn how to use Make Fur with Podium Browser's 2.5D grass components: Read the 2½D Grass tutorial here.

Please note: Cadalog, Inc. does not provide technical support for Fur. It happens to be a plug-in that will like to use. But we did not create it.

Download SU Grid for SketchUp 8, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017:

Download the .RBZ file      |     Download the Zipped .RBZ

Note: You do not need to download and install SU Grid if you have SU Animate 4.x. Once you have installed SU Grid will be available from the context menu in SketchUp when you select a face.

Please note: Cadalog does not provide support for SU Grid. This is a free plug-in. Read more about SU Grid here.

Download Cadalog Gears v3.1.rbz for SketchUp Win/Mac:

Download the .RBZ file      |     Download the Zipped .RBZ

Note: You do not need to download and install SU Grid if you have SU Animate 4.x.

Involute Gears - Create 3D true involute gears in SketchUp. This program will create involute spur gears with or without shaft keys. After installing the .rbz, go to the Draw menu. You will see both Involute Gear and Key Involute Gear options. Be aware - the involute gears get placed at 0,0,0. They are grouped so you can move and rotate them. Push/pull on the face to make them 3D.

Once the install is complete, SU Gears will be available from the Tools menu in SketchUp.

Please note: Cadalog does not provide support for Cadalog gear. This is a free plug-in.

Download Beam Tools for Windows - SketchUp 8 and 2013 only

Download the .RBZ file

Please note: Cadalog, Inc. does not provide technical support for Beam Tools. It is a free plug-in with no support. Please read more about it here.

Try before you buy:

Podium Browser is a premium content library containing thousands of 2D and 3D render-ready components. Podium Browser includes with a limited amount of free content—one or two items in every category, and costs $59 for a full license to over 16,000 additional components and materials.

Podium Browser for SketchUp

Note: Podium Browser is automatically installed with SU Podium V2.x and above. Furthermore, if you only want to use Podium Browser and not SU Podium, you can download the free trial of SU Podium V2.x and continue to use Podium Browser after the Podium V2.x trial has expired.

You have three options if you want to use Podium Browser:

  1. Install SU Podium V2.x which includes Podium Browser. The easiest option is to install SU Podium V2.x, if you do not have it now, which includes Podium Browser. Install the free trial version of SU Podium V2.x from the free trial page.
  2. Install Podium Browser by itself: If you do not want to use SU Podium V2.5 Plus, please download and install the stand-alone Podium Browser RBZ file. Download Podium Browser here.

    Important Note: If you install this SU_Podium_Browser.rbz file and then later, purchase and install SU Podium V2.5 Plus, you will see an error message when you start SketchUp: Error Loading File SU_Podium_Browser/SU_Podium_Browser_Loader.rb Could not find included file 'SU_Podium_Browser/SU_Podium_Browser_Loader.rb'

    You simply need to un-check the SU_Podium_Browser_V2 extension from SketchUp's Extension programs and restart SketchUp to correct this error.

  3. Use the web-only version: The web only version can be accessed at this URL: Podium Browser web-only version.

    It is recommended that to use IE, FireFox or Chrome browser for the web only version. Safari will not download .skp files properly.

Podium Server is a stand-alone, Windows and Mac application that is similar to SU Podium's OOPR Render Manager except it does not require a SketchUp installation and has allows for the reading and rendering of Podium generated .scripts in batches.

Podium Server can be used as a dedicated render machine, and supports remote/network rendering via any cloud syncing platform (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive), or a networked LAN workgroup. Read more about the Podium Server network rendering workflow here: Network/remote rendering with Podium Server.

Download Podium Server beta here

Not sure how to install an .RBZ file?

Should I download the .rbz file or the Zipped .rbz file? It depends on what Browser you are using.

There are several SketchUp .rbz file plug-ins on this page. Each one has a .rbz download link and a zipped. rbz download link. Which one should you download before installing from inside SketchUp?

If you use Internet Explorer or Safari as your browser, it's best to download the Zipped .rbz file. Then unpack the zipped file and you will obtain the original .rbz file.

If you are using FireFox or Chrome, download the .rbz file but make sure you context click on the download link and choose Save Link as...

Download and Installing the .rbz file directly (not the zipped .rbz versions)

  1. Download the .rbz file and save it to your download folder.
  2. To download it's best to right click on the download link and use the option "Save Link As... "if that is available.
  3. After downloading, Open SketchUp and go to SketchUp Preferences. Pick Extensions. Then Install Extensions. SketchUp default file format for extensions is .rbz.
  4. Select .rbz from your download folder.
  5. Install the Extension automatically. Once this is complete,plug-in will be available either as a menu item or a context menu item.

Download and Installing the zipped .rbz file.

Some browsers such as IE will not download .rbz files correctly. These browsers will convert the .rbz to .zip files which is not good. Therefore we have created a .zip file which contains the .rbz file.

  1. Download the zipped .rbz file and save it to your download folder.
  2. Then unzip the .zip file. You should see a .rbz file.
  3. Open SketchUp and go to SketchUp Preferences. Pick Extensions. Then Install Extensions. SketchUp default file format for extensions is .rbz. Select the .rbz to install the Extension automatically.

Uninstalling the plugin:

  1. Open SketchUp and go to SketchUp Preferences or Extension Manager. Pick Extensions. Then check off the extension name in the Extensions list. This will disable the plugin from automatically loading into SketchUp
  2. Quit and Restart SketchUp
  3. At times you will need to manually remove the plugin and it's related folder from the SketchUp\Plugins folder especially if you need to install an updated version.