With the release of SketchUp Pro 2017/ 2018, Trimble introduced a Signed and Unsigned "rule" that is displayed under the author in the Extension Manager. This is an arbitrary rule that has nothing to do with how SU Podium, Podium Walker, Pro Walker or any other Cadalog, Inc. plug-in functions in SketchUp. Further, Cadalog, Inc. extensions and plug-ins have been in use since SketchUp 7 and have absolutely no security risks.

The signed or unsigned rule was introduce with little consultation with SketchUp extensions developers and was only introduced with SketchUp Pro. Frankly, Cadalog, Inc. was caught off guard by this unnecessary rule. The rule was introduced, we think, to force Extensions Warehouse developers to adhere to certain practices. However, Cadalog's plug-ins are not available on Extensions Warehouse.

The next releases of SU Podium V2.5.x, ProWalker, Podium Walker and other plug-ins such as Podium Extras will be signed in Extensions Manager.

Rest assured that being unsigned has nothing do with how SU Podium is integrated with SketchUp. Being unsigned will not create bug splats or interfere with your work flow.