SU Podium V2.5 Plus presets are calibrated to be as fast as possible. Unfortunately, some imperfections such as blotches or unexpected corner shadowing will sometimes appear in the rendered image. These anomalies can appear quite randomly especially on non-texture pale surface, corners and low polygon geometry scenes. Those imperfections are caused by the lower quality and precision of the Podium V2.5 Plus preset.

Please read about Presets here.

The _high and _QMC presets are made especially to overcome this issue. But the cost is a substantially slower rendering time. The _high preset is faster than _QMC.

QMC presets can also produce a more grainy image. To overcome the graininess of QMC presets, it is recommended that you render at a higher pixel resolution than you need and re size the image after it is completed.

This will solve most of blotches and artifices. If they are still appearing with the _high or _QMC presets, please contact us.

Before with interior preset

After with QMC-interior preset