How to Activate Your Paid License Podium Browser is included with the SU Podium V2 and V2+ download, and comes with over 850 free items that you can use, license free in your SketchUp projects. In order to access the thousands of additional models that come with Podium Browser paid content, you much purchase a license at the Cadalog webstore:

[icon type="shopping-cart" size="23px"] Purchasing Podium Browser:

To access the Podium Browser paid content, please purchase a license from the web store or from your SU Podium reseller. After purchasing Podium Browser, an e-mail will be sent to you containing your license information. [divider]

[icon type="user" size="23px"] To activate your Podium Browser License: [su_spacer size="10"][divider][/su_spacer]

  1. Launch Podium Browser from the SU Podium toolbar: [su_spacer size="10"][divider][/su_spacer] pb-launch-icon [su_spacer size="25"][divider][/su_spacer]
  2. Click the gear icon to open the Podium Browser options dialog: [su_spacer size="5"][divider][/su_spacer] pb-gear-icon [su_spacer size="25"][divider][/su_spacer]
  3. Activate the License: Enter the sixteen digit Paid content serial number that was sent to you by email. [su_spacer size="10"][divider][/su_spacer] pb-license-key [su_spacer size="10"][divider][/su_spacer] [wc_box color="inverse" text_align="left"]Please Note: This serial number is unique to Podium Browser; it is not the same as your SU Podium V2 license key.[/wc_box] [su_spacer size="5"][divider][/su_spacer] You can copy and paste the license key from your e-mail order receipt but it's best to key in your license to avoid adding spaces at the back or front of the serial number. Remember, do not use your SU Podium V2 license for your Paid content serial number. The Podium Browser license key is comprised of 16 whole numbers and no letters.[su_spacer size="1px"][/su_spacer]
  4. Press Save. Congratulations, you now have access to the full range of Podium Browser content!

[icon type="wrench" size="23px"] Stay Up to Date:

If you are not using SU Podium V2 or V2 Plus, please download a more recent version of Podium Browser by updating your SU Podium version here. Note: You can still use Podium Browser using the trial version of SU Podium V2, even after the trial version of SU Podium V2 expires. [divider]