Animation in Podium Walker Creating a Walkthrough Animation


 Lakehouse - Nat Ellis

This is a large video .mp4 file. Give it a few minutes to completely download and then play it.

 Wayne Hillside Park - John Aikin Design

 Blue House - Aikin Design

Video by John Aikin, animated and rendered in Podium Walker 1.2.3

 Lumb Carr Ave. - David Giz

Original SketchUp model and animation created by Dave Giz, modified by Cadalog team.

Our latest Podium Walker animation showcases Dave Giz's "Lumb Carr Ave. Proposal," an extremely cool outdoor patio and green-space. The animation was brought to life using Podium Walker 64-bit, which allows users to animate larger, more complex models than ever before, and renders videos faster than ever.

 Elegant Residence - Paul Olsen

Modeling by Paul Olsen, and designed by Alexander Design Group, inc.

Our latest Podium Walker animation showcases the power of Podium Walker 64-bit through this beautiful visualization of an elegant residential property. Podium Walker 64-bit lets you animate larger more complex models than ever before, and renders your videos quicker than ever.

 Tilburg near Seattle

The Tilburg video was created using Podium Walker 1.2.2

 Big Interior Lobby

The Big Interior Lobby video includes over 30 Podium Browser items, including the following models and materials:

  • Apple 27 Display
  • Apple Keyboard
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • Macbook Air
  • Conference Table 01
  • Magazines 01, 02, 03
  • Books 02, 08
  • Filing box
  • LC2 Chair Leuwico
  • Poulsen Magazin CL
  • VP Cabinet 05
  • VP Coffee Table 13
  • Cast Iron 1
  • PDM Aluminium
  • Banana Palm
  • Californai Umbrella VAST 118
  • Vase Set Red #1
  • Cement 009
  • PDM Paving 040, 043
  • PDM Stucco 03
  • PDM Granite Soft Cream

 Outdoor Plaza

 Lietchfield Extra Care

 Three Interiors by Nat Ellis

 John Aikin Video Series

 House Near Seattle on a Hill

 Kusime Landscape Design Series