New! SU Podium V2.5 is avaialablehere.

Panorama Gallery iFrame samples

  1. iFrame version using .jpg files is here. The below images are embedded in iFrames. The original equirectangular image generated by SU Podium V2.5.1 to a lower resolution .jpg file. iFrames do not work well with Safari.
  2. Main Pano Gallery. Click this link to view the main Pano Gallery page. This page has quite a few sample panorama samples. Does not use iFrames.
  3. For lower resolution mobile version. Click here for lower resolution version of several Panorama VRs.
  4. ShockWave version. To see how a commercial Panoramic software program converts SU Podium equirectangular images to Panorama Shockwave Flash file, see here.

This Interior panorama was rendered at 2500 X 1250, using interior_high preset and saved as a JPEG. The iFrame is 400 X 200, intentionally small so that it can be loaded if your computer has slow connection. ( This iFrame will probably load in Safari.)

    The perfect bathroom from Nat. Rendered at 2500 X 1250 using interior_high preset. HTML5 generated by PIE in SU Podium V2.5.1 beta. Then this image was embedded in a small 400 X 200 iFrame. The image was rendered as a JPEG purposely to reduce file size. However, PNG will create higher quality.