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SU Podium Browser

Podium Browser 3: What's New?

Podium Browser updated user interface is called Poidum Browser 3

Podium Browser 3 features a complete interface overhaul, and adds some highly requested functionality to make the Browser experience even better. You will now be able to create a Podium Browser user account by linking your Google profile. This will allow Podium Browser to track two very useful items which will significantly speed up your Browser workflow:

Recently Used items: While you are logged in, Podium Browser 3 keeps a running list of all your recently used components. This makes it easier than ever to navigate back to the items you've been using in your scene without searching through the categories. Simply click the "Recently used" button, and you're good to go!

User Favorites: Additionally, Podium Browser will now keep track of your "favorite" Browser items. If you find yourself using a component over and over again, click the star icon in the upper right portion of the item thumbnail. Clicking the star will add that item to your favorites list, which can be accessed by clicking the "My favorites" button any time you are logged in.

There have been some issues that Windows and Mac existing users have encountered. These are easy to resolve. Please read the Browser 3 FAQ. The issues are:

    1. Blank web page where thumbnails were
    2. Script error message
    3. Scroller does not display (Mac specific)
    4. Paid content message appears.

Please read the Browser 3 FAQ if you are encountering any problems.

Browser 3 builds on top of Browser 2

  • Same categorization to find what you want faster.
  • keyword search - we are adding keywords every day
  • A way to find the most recent uploaded files.
  • And ofcourse more content.
    Reminder - Keyword and Category search helps you pin point what you need.
    Same method of display recently added content quickly
    New categorization with categories and sub-catogories arranged logically.

    Click on the above image to see a video on Podium Browser 2.