Please take a moment and read through the installation guides if you are having difficulty with the installation. If you are having trouble finding your serial number, please take a look at the FAQ page with some suggestions for how to find your serial number.

 Getting Started - After you install:

Once your installation has finished, the following pages will help you get started with the use and application of SU Podium. We recommend you start with the following resources:

  1. License Activation - How to activate your Podium license
  2. Getting started videos - Video series introducting all aspects of SU Podium.
  3. Render process introduction - Written overview of rendering in SU Podium from start to finish.
  4. Learn the Podium UI - This document explains everything you need to know about the Podium Options menu and user interface, and explains how to interact with the plugin.
  5. Sample models for testing and troubleshooting - Download sample models here.

 How to get additional support for SU Podium:

  • The SU Podium Forum - An active Forum with two or three experts online almost any time.
  • E-mail support - Please e-mail us with any question, any time. You should get a reply within 24 hours. Usually, much faster. If you are experiencing crashes please look at this check list before contacting support.

Upload your models. If you are having problems rendering your models, feel free to upload your .skp file to Cadalog's account.

After uploading, please send an e-mail separately to Cadalog, Inc. to let us know you have uploaded an .skp file and why. Please do not upload anything but .skp files. If we do not receive an email about your uploaded model, the file will be deleted due to security precautions. Anything other than an .skp file will also be deleted.