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What's New with SU Podium?

What's New December 14, 2010

1. SU Podium V2 - 02 Release: a free update

Release 02 of SU Podium V2 has been complete. This release fixes the texture editing bug reported by many. This bug is described here in the FAQ.

In addition, V2_02 has a new license activation method and after activating the license, you can always view your license code. This update also provides a way of previewing finished rendered images from the Podium Render Manager.

The update is free for existing SU Podium V2 users. You will need your V2 license code. To download click here. After installing V2_02 and activating the license, please restart SketchUp.

2. EditInPlace - edit your groups separately

EditInPlace is a Google SketchUp plugin that lets you edit (modify) components and groups in a separate Google SketchUp window. Furthermore, it overcomes one of Google SketchUp's biggest limitations - the clipping plane which prevents you from effectively editing small components in large models. EditInPlace is great to use with SU Podium as you can isolate groups and components and render them separately for the main model.

EditInPlace is in Beta and will expire on January 1, 2011. Please read about it and download from here.

3. SU Podium Forum gallery

SU Podium Forum gallery is a great place to see what others are doing with SU Podium V2 and the suggestions and comments that other users are making. It's a great place to pick up some ideas for your rendering . Click on the Gallery Forum.

4. Upgrade to SU Podium V2 for $28.95 until Jan.1, 2011

We have held the SU Podium V2 upgrade price to $28.95 (USD) for three months and thousands have upgraded. Thank you. But, the introduction upgrade price will end with the New Year, on January 1, 2011. You can upgrade any version of SU Podium 1.x so long as you have a valid 1.x serial number. Click here to upgrade at $28.95

5. What Cadalog, Inc. is working on

a. Plants and Tree library for V2 is close to release. b. Podium Walker is getting some new features. c. 64 bit version of SU Podium V2. d. New features and fixes such as Hidden LEMs. e. ObjectVR beta - create 3D object VR inside Podium.