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What's New with SU Podium for Google SketchUp

What's New January 5, 2012

1. SU Podium 2.9 released - automatic materials

    This model's reflections was automatically applied. Click here to watch the YouTube video.
    SU Podium V2.9 has been released. It is a free upgrade for SU Podium Version 2 owners. Please download it from the Version 2 page.
    The most noteworthy feature is Automatic Materials. Automatic materials is where predefined Podium reflection, blur, refraction properties are applied automatically to most of SketchUp's standard materials. SketchUp standard materials are the materials that you get when you install SketchUp. These are .skm libraries residing in the SketchUp Materials folder. Please read about Automatic Materials or watch the video tutorial - Automatic Materials page.
    In SU Podium V2.9, when you render a model with SketchUp standard materials, you do not have to apply Podium properties yourself. The are assigned automatically. However, you can change the assigned Podium properties at any time.
    Other items in 2.9 - the Omni Light/ Spot light user interface has been consolidated. An About pull down menu item, tells you what version you are using.

2. SU Podium V2 Free Trial has been reset

    If you have been wanting to try out SU Podium V2 again using the Free Trial, with the new release of SU Podium V2.9, the free trial has been reset. So, try it out again for 30 days. Keep in mind, the trial version will expire in 30 days after installation. The trial version will only create images that are equal to the resolution size of your SketchUp viewport. The info. bar is always on the rendered image with the free trial.

3. This month's SU Podium image

    This month's feature images from the SU Podium Gallery comes from Mitch Foster. Beach House. The name says it all. Congrats on this beautiful image, Mitchy.

    Click on image to view much larger resolution. You may need to view this on the What's New web page.

    SU Podium Forum gallery is a great place to see what others are doing with SU Podium V2 and the suggestions and comments that other users are making. It's a great place to pick up some ideas for your rendering . Click on the Gallery Forum.

4. SU Podium Browser 2.0: New Paid content as of January 7, 2012

The Paid section of SU Podium Browser 2.0 keeps growing with render ready lights, materials and furnishing. In November we added the following libraries:

Household components. Several new houehold components have been added.
Sanitary. Several new sanitary components have been added.
    Still $29 for a Paid license. SU Podium Browser is included in SU Podium and comes with a vast library of free content such as light fixtures, high resolution textures, and more. The Paid content is growing rapidly though. You can view the Paid content freely but to download these components you will need to purchase a serial number. Please read here. Access to the Paid content on Browser 2.0 is still $29 for a permanent license.

5. Upgrade and special price reminders - SU Animate V4 upgrade, SU Walk and SU Podium V2 upgrade