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What's New with SU Podium V2 for SketchUp

What's New May 30, 2013


1. Regarding SketchUp 2013

    SU Podium V2 (with Podium Browser), Podium Walker, Viso3D, SU Animate and SU Walk now have installation version that support SketchUp 2013 for Windows and Mac. If you have or are upgrading your SketchUp to SU 2013, go to the Free Trial page and download the plug-in and the version you need and reinstall. You will need to reactivate your license after installing for SketchUp 2013.

      We do not have separate installs for RenderAll, stand alone Podium Browser, EditInPlace, OmniGrid, SU Grid for SketchUp 2013 at this time. These will all be included in SU Podium V2 Plus (see below) or SU Animate or both or separately very soon.

2. SU Podium V2 image of the month

    May 2013 image of the month comes from Forum contributor Brian Mackey. There are several images from Brian aka - Aeon38 on the forum here. Click here to see more.

    Click on the above image to see a higher resolution. Below are two other excellent contributions.
    The SU Plugins Forum gallery is a positive way to get feedback and discussion from other SketchUp and Podium users. Click on the Gallery Forum.

3. SU Podium V2 Plus

    SU Podium V2 Plus is just around the corner. It will be a FREE upgrade for SU Podium V2 users. It will be a fairly substantial upgrade with two major new features and a lot of smaller additions to make Podium even easier to use. A major feature to V2 Plus is the Podium Image Editor which allows for a limited amount of image "post processing" right inside SketchUp and directly from OOPR.
    Click on the image below to be directed to the video on Podium Image Editor. We will be adding more videos and documentation here as V2 Plus develops. We expect to release a free beta within two weeks and have a final release in June. Keep in mind - this is a free upgrade for SU Podium V2 users.

    Click on the image above to link to the SU Podium V2 Plus page to watch this video.

4. Podium Browser 2- new content in May and more coming

    Podium Browser 2 In May, we have been focused on 3D trees. Also we have added several new backgrounds this month. Open your Podium Browser and click on Show Only Recent to see what has been added recently.
    We are currently working on these items for June 2013: twenty more 3D trees, over one hundred 2D face me trees, a new library of 2D face-me people, a new library of outdoor light fixtures, new furniture items. Podium Browser Paid Content has over 5,000 render ready components. Still only $59.00 for a permanent license.
    Need access to the stand alone Podium Browser web site outside of SketchUp? Please click here to read how to access it.

5. Podium Walker video series

    A four part series of video tutorials has been created to explain how to quickly design a model with the help of Podium Browser and then to use visualize the model with Podium Walker.

Click on the image above to link to the Podium Browser with Podium Walker web page with this video.

6. SU Plugins Store specials - Viso3D export plug-in is $19.95

    Click on the image above to link to the web page.

    Viso3D is comprised of two programs. One is a SketchUp plug-in currently for SketchUp Windows only. This plug-in converts the SketchUp model to a file that can be read on your iPad. File format is called .xcs. The other program is an iPad viewer which will read the .xcs file and provide walk-thru navigation features. The $19.95 introduction price will end on July 1, 2013.

    Other Specials
    The 25% discount on your second purchase special is still in place as it has proven to be popular. If you already own one license of SU Podium or Podium Browser, get the second license of each for 25% off the list price. Buy here

7. AIA 2013 - come visit us at Booth 4314

    If you are going to AIA 2013 in Denver, U.S.A., come by the Cadalog, Inc. booth at 4314. David Wayne and Jim Allen (Big Stick) will be there demonstrating SU Podium, Podium Walker, Viso3D and other exciting things.