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What's New

What's New November 12, 2010

1. Upgrade now before November 16, Paid or Free

The Free Upgrade for SU Podium V2 is rapidly coming to an end. The free upgrade period started on September 15 and will end on November 15, 2010 at midnight (U.S. Pacific Standard Time). Please go here to see if you are eligible for a free upgrade. Customers who purchased Podium 1.X on or after December 1, 2009 are eligible for a free upgrade. Please email support@cadalog-inc.com if you think there is a problem. (Please include your Podium 1.X serial number in the email.)

The introduction price of $28.95 (USD) for the paid Upgrade for SU Podium V2 will also end on November 15, 2010 midnight (U.S. Pacific Standard Time). From Nov.1, 2010, the upgrade will cost $49.00. So get your upgrade before November 16, 2010. Click Here to order.

Keep in mind that if you have not ordered anything from the new Webstore.cadaloginc.com, you must create a new customer account. Your old account from the previous SU Podium 1.7.3 web store will not work.

2. Podium Walker beta - stand alone animation program

Podium Walker is a stand alone walk thru/ fly thru animation program for SketchUp models. It will create photo-realistic or non-photo-realistic animations of your SketchUp model. In photo-realistic mode, Podium Walker supports sun light, moon light, Podium V2 omni/point lights, Podium V2 reflections, blurred reflections. It also includes ambient occlusion (indirect light) specular highlighting, flat mirrored reflection and environment mirrored reflections to give more realism to the animation. Please read the Photo-realistic mode explanation in the Podium Walker web page for more detail.

In non-photo-realistic mode, the imported model will look almost exactly like it does in SketchUp. However, Podium Walker can handle large size models with textures easily and has a polygon reduction feature. This makes creating movies a breeze without creating scenes and waiting for SketchUp to compile an AVI. Creating on-the-fly walk thru animations is fast.

Podium Walker is in it's first beta release. It only runs on Windows at this point. The Mac port is a big project and we don't expect the port to be complete for several months. Please read about Podium Walker and download the Windows beta here.

A word of caution - for still images, SU Podium V2's rendering has a far higher quality and realism than Podium Walker. SU Podium V2 uses high quality ray tracing and global illumination programs that are hard to match. If you want V2 level of quality in your camera animations, Render All V2 is a good choice.

3. FAQ update - some new common questions

There are new common questions and bugs reported in the V2 FAQ page. #3 Components that are copied and share the same texture. #4 Textures on exposed back side faces. #5 Where do I save my images #6 How to adjust omni/point light values. Check out the FAQ.

4. SU Podium V2 Help PDF

The SU Podium V2 web help pages have been converted to PDF for those that like to print and read on the go. PDF version of the SU Podium V2 Help pages

5. What Cadalog, Inc. is working on

a. A new build for SU Podium V2 will be released in one or two weeks which will fix the texture editing bug, introduce caching and fix the invalid license bug many have experienced. b. Plants library for V2 is being developed. c. New, fun plug-ins coming: EditInPlace - edit and render components in a model as new SketchUp models. ObjectVR - create 3D object VR inside Podium. d. New beta for Podium Walker should be released in 3 weeks.