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Podium Browser 2

Now with thousands of render-ready components, designing and visualizing in SketchUp and SU Podium is easier than ever.

We are adding more and more to Podium Browser every month.

Podium Browser Paid category has well over 5,000 render ready original components that you can click and drop in to SketchUp to produce photo-realistic rendering very quickly. Content ranges from hundreds of light fixtures (with lights), living room furniture, dining room design components, sinks, baths, hundreds of 2D face me people, materials, 3D plants, faucets,etc. All are modeled with skill and crafted with Podium V2 properties. In March 2013, hundreds of bathroom and furniture components were added. In April we are focusing on 3D plants and trees.

    Check out what's new with Podium Browser 2's new user interface.

    Podium Browser 2's new user interface
Click on the image above to watch the embedded YouTube video about Podium Browser 2.
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    SU Podium V2 users

    The Paid section of SU Podium Browser is growing rapidly as Cadalog, Inc. develops hundreds of furnishings, plants, materials and light fixtures. With already 5,000 render ready components that can be dropped in to SketchUp and rendered instantly, we plan to add another 400 new light fixtures, furniture items and materials this month. Although designed to be rendered instantly in SU Podium or Podium Walker, the components look good in SketchUp too even if you do not use SU Podium.
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    Check out the new Facebook account for SUPlugins which focuses on new components on the browser here - SUPlugins Facebook.

    New to SU Podium V2?

    Read a general overview of what Podium does to enhance your design, visualization and presentation for SketchUp. And then try the trial version and look at the various video tutorials.. Trial version includes the free categories of Podium Browser.