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Podium Browser - What's new in February, 2014

Podium Browser Paid content works inside SketchUp from a continually updated cloud server. All Browser content are render-ready for SU Podium V2 to help you quickly design and visualize, interior and exterior models. Drag and drop any one of the 6,000 well crafted components and materials, to achieve your design intent quickly.

New bathroom design by Nat Ellis illustrates effective design and presentation using Podium Browser and SU Podium V2.

Podium Browser components and materials that were used in this model are shown in the above image (click on the image to get a higher resolution). From left to right, top to bottom, here are their names:

  1. Basin Counter
  2. Orchid
  3. Towel radiator
  4. bathroom cabinet 01/ 02
  5. Vases of grass
  6. Narciso recessed lights
  7. Lovair manual taps
  8. Oak floor material
  1. Plant 02 (agave and glass vase
  2. Plant 03, (lavandual and vase)
  3. VP bath faucet
  4. Toilet paper holder
  5. Shower stall with doors and hinges
  6. Shower
  7. Sink
  8. Toilet
  1. Chrome material
  2. IKEA candles
  3. Soap dispenser
  4. Plant 05 (palm and vase)
  5. Bath tub (Kohler)
  6. Towel on rack
  7. Folded towel
  8. Bathroom set
  1. Towel rack
  2. Deck material
  3. Dese light fixtures
  4. Window
  5. Canopy for deck
  6. Balustrade fence
  7. Another bathroom set
  8. Wicker basket

There are additional components and materials not included in this list such as bathroom tile, the pictures on the wall and door knobs.

Top questions asked and answered in the Podium Browser FAQ

  1. Why do I see "Paid content is not available without a valid license"?
  2. Sesrial number problems. Did enter your serial number correctly?
  3. Why do I see "Invalid Component file" message?
  4. Mac Maverick Safari 7 problems - please update
What's has been added and what is coming in Paid content in Jan/ Feb 2014?

Last month we released a number of 3D hedges and trees, lights, materials, backgrounds, etc. This month we are releasing 120 aligned 2D trees and hedges that are generated from the 3D trees. Several new Podium materials have been added. Beautiful clouds and sky(read below). IKEA sinks and faucets. IKEA tables. More pubic access components like drinking fountain, barriers, movie theater chairs are available. NYC backgrounds (more coming). A number of bathroom components as seen in the bathroom image above we added. Many corrections have been made to light fixtures. Click on "Show only recent files" to see what's new.

Beautiful clouds

About Clouds. In January we added two kinds of clouds in the background category of Podium Browser.  Simple face-me cloud components are one kind. Seamless cloud backgrounds with transparent sky are another kind. These can be used to cast shadows and to be reflected in the scene. Using these clouds in the scene can create more realistic rendered images than adding a background sky and clouds in post-processing.

Click on the above image to see a much larger resolution.

Auto-cut feature added to sinks

The new Ikea sinks that were added in February 2014, has an auto-cut feature similar to the auto-cut feature in the recessed light fixtures.

About Podium Browser

Podium Browser Paid content has over 6,000 render ready components that you can click and drop in to SketchUp to produce photo-realistic images very quickly. Embedded in the various categories are thousands of Podium materials, textures, furniture items, plants, faucets, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, 3D and 2D trees, grass, 2D people, 3D cars, exterior items and light fixtures. These are all modeled with skill and crafted with SU Podium V2 properties. This will enable you to create your kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, exteriors and landscape designs in SketchUp effectively. Rendering the Browser components photo-realistically with SU Podium V2 or Podium Walker does not require anything but to turn the render button on. Podium Browser is included in SU Podium V2 free trial or full version. The Paid content must be purchased.

Podium Browser Paid content is $59.00 for a permanent license. You will be able to continue to access new content as a Paid content owner. Second license is 25% off. Read about it here. Podium Browser Paid content license will soon increase to $79.00. However, second license will continue to be 25% off.

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    From Cadalog, Inc. makers of SU Podium V2, Podium Browser, Podium Walker, SU Animate and various SketchUp plug-ins.