What's New in SU Podium for SketchUp - May 2017

Gallery forum images of the month - The Gallery forum is a fantastic place to find inspiration, receive critique, and learn new tips and tricks to perfect your Podium Renders. Click here to browse the Gallery Forum.

 ProWalker GPU has been released for Windows

ProWalker GPU has officially been released! ProWalker is an updated version of Podium Walker, and is now powered by NVIDIA's Iray render engine, a physically-based pathtracer with support for all Podium material properties.

ProWalker offers users a highly interactive visualization workflow: Easy-to-use tools fit the Podium ethos, and physically-based materials, lighting, and HDRI support take the guesswork out of rendering.

Design decisions and lighting changes are reflected in the viewport in near real-time, granting a level of flexibility and freedom to iterate that is unique to GPU based rendering.

Animation by Paul Olsen

  • Podium Walker "Standard" is still available - Because ProWalker GPU is not available on Mac, we will still offer the old version for Mac users, and those with less powerful hardware. We are looking into licensing AMD's ProRender GPU-accelerated raytracer to provide a comparable alternative for Mac users, but nothing is definite yet.
  • Increased quality and versatility - ProWalker includes a physically-based pathtracing mode, and can be used as a powerful visualization companion to SU Podium for both still images and camera animation. See examples in the still gallery.
  • Ready to use with Podium Browser - All SU Podium material properties are automatically recognized by ProWalker, which means the entire render-ready Podium Browser library is fully compatible without needing to re-configure materials.
ProWalker GPU upgrade special - $99 for Podium Walker and SU Podium users.

ProWalker is being offered to any existing Podium Walker or SU Podium at a discounted rate of $99. This is a one time fee, and includes incremental 1.x updates. Purchase the upgrade here.

 Latest Podium Browser Uploads

New uploads in May We're still working tirelessly to expand the Podium Browser catalog. In the second half of May we've added 20 beautiful dining assemblies:

We're adding new content to Podium Browser every month!  Podium Browser is still only $59.00 and includes thousands of high quality, render ready components, with additional models, materials, and light fixtures being added every week. Read more about the speed and efficiency of Podium Browser here.

To see the full range of new Browser content, open the Podium Browser web page. Click on Agree, then click on Show only recent files.

 Requesting model submissions for tutorial series:

Do you have a model/render you'd like to improve?

We have an ongoing tutorial series where Podium team member Nick Harvey examines a user-submited model and render, offers suggestions, tips, and demonstrates how it can be improved.

We are looking for volunteers who would like their model/render to be used in future entries in this tutorial series.

You'll get focused feedback on your Podium rendering technique, an improved image from a Podium Pro, and enough the necessary knowledge to level-up your Podium skills.

  Read the previous tutorial here.

Finished image from last month's tutorial.

If you'd like to submit a model, please email us here: Submit a model and render.

Or upload your model (please include a description) on this page: Submit a file.