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Kitchen Design? Podium Browser has you covered.

    Click on image to view a 1280 X 720 still image resolution.
    Podium Browser Paid category has well over 12,000 render ready components that you can click and drop into SketchUp to produce photo-realistic images very quickly. Embedded in the various categories are hundreds of materials, furniture items, plants, faucets, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. all modeled originally and crafted with Podium V2 properties. This will enable you to create your kitchen design in SketchUp easily and have items that will render instantly by SU Podium V2 or V2 Plus without further tweaking.
    This short video shows each item that is being dropped into SketchUp and shows the final Podium rendered image.
    YouTube HD Watch the Kitchen Design video tutorial on YouTube in higher resolution. Make sure you pick HD Quality in YouTube and use the larger player option.
    Do not want to or can not access YouTube? Watch the Flash video directly. You will be asked to install Flash if you do not have it on your computer. This will load an .m4p file. Resolution is 852 X 480

Take a closer at the Podium Browser UI

    Click on each image below to see where in the Podium Browser each component in the video is located.