Installing SU Podium V2.6 for SketchUp

Which of the following best describes what you are trying to achieve?

First time installation
  • You are installing SU Podium for the first time ever.
  • OR you have updated to a new version of SketchUp and need to install SU Podium for the first time in that version.
Upgrade V2.5 to V.6

Read here if you currently have SU Podium V2.5 installed and are upgrading to SU Podium V2.6. Please note, the V2.6 update requires a small fee for V2.5 users.

Incremental update

Read here if you already have SU Podium V2.6.xx installed, but need to update to a new version within the same SketchUp installation.

 Mac Catalina installation - "Apple can not check for malicious software."   Read here for solution.

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