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What's New with SU Podium V2 for SketchUp

What's New with SU Podium V2, December 19, 2012

1. SU Podium V2/ Browser images of the month

    We start out this December 2012 What's New with new images created by Davor Petranovic and Nicolas Harvey using a combination of SketchUp modeling, new Podium Browser components and SU Podium V2 rendering.
    This Christmas scene was modeled in SketchUp with items from the Christmas category in Podium Browser as well as other categories. Rendered using SU Podium V2 only. No post processing. Modeled by Davor Petranovic. Click on the image above to see a larger viewer
    Modeled in SketchUp. People from Podium Browser People category. Rendered using SU Podium V2. Post processing such as snow, sky in Photoshop. Modeled and rendered by Nicolas Harvey. Click on the image above to see a larger viewer

    Both images illustrate the new components that were released this month in Podium Browser. Please read about these below.

2. Christmas components and hundreds of 2D people for Podium Browser

    Podium Browser Paid content keeps growing rapidly with over 4,000 components ranging from furniture, furnishings, Podium materials, advanced light fixtures, backgrounds, transportation items, bathroom, living room, kitchen components....all ready to render using SU Podium V2. Using these render-ready items help you create high quality images with SU Podium V2 even easier.
    This month we released a Christmas category including 3D Christmas trees and dozens of dynamic component based ornaments. We also released three hundred new 2D face me people based on original photographs. More are coming. These items can be used in SketchUp and rendered in SU Podium V2. Check out the Christmas and 2D people pages
    The Paid category license is now $59 USD for a permanent license and as promised will go up to $69 as soon as Podium Browser 2.0 is released. Browser 2.0 will not require you to download an upgrade but rather will be automatic. Browser 2.0 will have new categorization for easier browsing and keyword search.
    Podium Browser Paid category has thousands of components to make modeling in SketchUp and visualization in Podium V2 fast and easy. Click here to purchase at $59 (USD).Second license is 25% off even if you already own a license.

3. Podium Walker - release candidate Windows/ Mac still in beta and free

    Podium Walker, the photo-realistic animation plug-in for both SketchUp and Podium V2, beta 4 for both Mac and Windows was released in November and as we tweak Podium Walker so it can handle larger SketchUp models, the beta has been extended to the end of December.
    This video by Nicolas Harvey, combines Podium Walker animations with SU Podium created images. There's a lot of Browser components in this model as well. Click on the image to launch a You Tube video and make sure you watch it in HD.

4. SU Plugins Store specials - 25% off your second license of SU Podium or Podium Browser

    From now until the end of this year (Dec.31, 2012) purchase your second license of SU Podium V2 and/or Podium Browser for 25% off!! Buy here

5.Books about SU Podium V2- 10% off

    Three SU Podium V2 Books are now available on the SUPlugins web store. Just in time for Christmas. Nicolas Harvey's Reference Guide, Jim Kenney's 137 page, Essentials and Jim Kenney's getting started guide, Podium V2 Quick Start. Any one of these books will give you a jump start on obtaining high quality images with SU Podium V2. All Books are 10% off until Dec.26, 2012. Read more about the books here.