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What's New with SU Podium for Google SketchUp

What's New February 16, 2011

1. SU Podium Browser - Drag and drop 3D light fixtures, face-me plants and hundreds of textures

Click on image to read more about the Podium Browser.

    SU Podium Browser is a Google SketchUp plugin that lets you download 3D light fixtures, 2D plants and textures from a web server directly to your SketchUp model. SU Podium Browser works with Google Sketchup versions 7 and 8, Windows and Mac.

    You can drag-and-drop 3D light fixtures and 2D plants directly into your model, and even drag-and-drop hundreds of textures onto SketchUp faces.

    The available content includes over 300 light fixtures, a large collection of plants and trees, and hundreds of high-resolution textures.

    The 3D light fixtures come with SU Podium V2 point lights and are render-ready. The 2D face-me plants can be used for Podium renderings as well as for modeling in SketchUp. The high resolution texture library was included to enhance photo-realistic renderings but can be used SketchUp non-photo-realistic models as well.

    Having the content reside on a Cadalog web server allows for easy updates and content additions without requiring the user to download and reinstall software.

    SU Podium Browser is free and can be download from the Registered User area of http://www.suplugins.com

2.EditInPlace released

Click Here to view a quick YouTube video of EditInPlace.
EditInPlace is a Google SketchUp plugin that lets you edit (modify) components and groups in a separate Google SketchUp window.
EditInPlace overcomes one of Google SketchUp's biggest limitations - the clipping plane which prevents you from effectively editing small components in large models.

EditInPlace has been released. Currently it is $25 (USD). Please click here to read about it.

3. SU Podium gallery image

This weeks feature image from the SU Podium Forum gallery comes from Davor Petranoviae. This images was added to the new www.suplugins.com gallery as well.

Click on image to view much larger resolution.

SU Podium Forum gallery is a great place to see what others are doing with SU Podium V2 and the suggestions and comments that other users are making. It's a great place to pick up some ideas for your rendering . Click on the Gallery Forum.

4. Hidden LEM tip- render a computer monitor or TV

How can you create the effect of a computer monitor or TV screen illuminating an interior space. You can create this effect with the new hidden LEM.

This image was produced by Steven313 (Forum alias). Read about his discussion on how to do this on this thread - Hidden LEM tip

Hidden LEM is part of the updated release of SU Podium V2 .3.

What's new with V2.3? Possibly the most important is Hidden LEMs. Also you can now use a Browse button to choose the folder location to save your rendered images. Information bar option has been added to the Options Environment settings. This will allow you to add or turn off an information bar to your rendered image.

When Hidden LEM option is checked on, the LEM light will be rendered but the SketchUp face and material that the LEM is applied to will not be rendered. This is a very useful feature if you want to hide the LEM light source and keep the light. Below is a simple example.

The update is free for existing SU Podium V2 users. You will need your V2 license code so make sure you have it before installing. To download click here. After installing V2 and activating the license, please restart SketchUp to get out of trial mode. Trial version has been updated as well.

5.FAQ update: Win64 LEM bug

Read about the Windows 64 specific LEM bug that you might run into if you use the Win64 version of SU Podium V2. This bug will be fixed in the next release.

Read about it the LEM bug here

6. New Gallery format

We have created a new format for our home page gallery. Take a look.

7. What Cadalog, Inc. is working on

1. SU Podium V2.4 - bug fixes and some new features, 2. Podium Walker gets a face lift and easier SketchUp plugin. 3. ObjectVR beta - create 3D object VR inside Podium, 4. Update of Render All.