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What's New with SU Podium V2 for SketchUp

What's New with SU Podium V2, October 22, 2012

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    1. SU Podium V2 gallery image of the month

      We start out this October 2012 e-news with the SU Podium V2 Gallery image of the month. This exterior rendering is from Nguyen Ngoc Phuc. It combines superb modeling with Podium V2 rendering and some post processing image editing.

        Click on the above image to view a larger resolution.

      SU Podium Forum gallery is a very good way to get feedback from other SketchUp and Podium users. Typically you will get respect, attention and very good suggestions and tips. Click on the Gallery Forum.

    2. Photo-realistic rendering series - Part 5: Night Rendering

      Jim Allen has produced an insightful series of articles which explore how to produce realistic render images from SketchUp with Podium V2. The series looks at one particular model and explorers different ways to produce high quality renderings from this model. Part 5 is the last of the series and looks at night rendering.

    3. SU Podium V2 Tip of the month - working with two point perspective

      SU Podium V2 does render two point perspective camera views (2PP). However, if you navigate the camera in 2PP and render again, Podium render's the previous camera position and renders that view. To deal with this, if you are going to change your camera position, go back to perspective view, change the camera position and then invoke 2PP. Then render. The key is to use perspective view to change the camera view before invoking 2PP.

        All images were rendered in 2PP

    4. Podium Browser - New Backgrounds

      A new category in the Paid content of Podium Browser is backgrounds. These are SketchUp components created from photographs that give a panoramic background to your SketchUp scene. There are currently four background components and more are in the works.
      This model was created by Tietong Lv and rendered with the Hong Kong background by Cadalog, Inc. Click on the image to see a larger resolution.

    5. Podium Materials in Podium Browser - How they work

      Podium Materials in the Browser are dropped in to your model as cubes. This video tutorial will explain why and how you can easily paint render-ready Podium Materials to SketchUp faces.

      Click on image to link to the video tutorial options for Podium Materials.

    6. Podium Browser - what's coming this week. Still $49.00 (USD)

      SU Podium Browser is installed with SU Podium V2. The $49 (USD) Paid permanent content category now has over 3,000 render ready components and materials. Six people are working tirelessly to add thousands more useful, well modeled, components and materials. Also new user interface with a keywork search is being developed with the expectation of release in November.

      We expect this ad to the Paid content this week: hundreds of seamless granite materials, 3D trucks, additional 2D face-me people,several IKEA furniture components, dozens of Calligras light fixtures. We will be also releasing new tree line backgrounds.

      Purchase a permenant license for the Paid content of Podium Browser now at $49.00 USD. We plan to raise the price before the end of the year to $99.00 (USD).

    7. An inspiring Podium Walker video

      Combines Podium Walker animations with SU Podium created images. There's a lot of Browser components in this model as well. Click on the image to launch a You Tube video.

    8. New Podium Walker Gallery page

    9. SU Plugins Store specials - SU Animate and SU Podium 2nd license