Information for SU Podium V2 Trial

    Thank you for evaluating SU Podium V2, a photo-realistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp. Free trial period is for 30 days
  • What's different from the free trial and full version? The free trial is limited in the rendered image resolution size. The final rendered image resolution (.jpg or .png file) will be the same size as your current SketchUp viewport. The full version has an unlimited range of image resolutions sizes. Furthermore, the free trial version always as the Information Bar on which is a strip of information attached to the final rendered image. Other than these two things and the fact that the trial will end in 30 days from installation, the free trial is the same as the full commercial version.
    • Please read the install section of the SU Podium V2 Help page if you run into any problems installing your free trial.
    • The video page has several videos that will help you get started in your evaluation of SU Podium. There is a detailed introduction video that goes over User Interface, settings, lights, placing materials and the rendering process. These short videos will give you a big jump start on making SU Podium productive for you.
    • The Help page is detailed and also has information on where to get support. We are very interested in helping you turn your SketchUp models into high quality photo-realistic images. So please do not hesitate to contact us.
      License Manager dialog box
      After installing SU Podium V2 and re-starting SketchUp, when you render a model for the first time, you will see a License Manager dialog box requesting you to purchase or activate a license. You can ignore this License Manager dialog. This dialog box will have information about how much time is left in your evaluation period. Please, let the Processing Scene operation complete. Once Processing Scenes is complete, the License Manager dialog will be replaced with the Podium Render Manager and the rendering operation will continue. If your SketchUp model is large, the Processing Scene operation could take a few minutes. Please let it complete before you dismiss the License Manager dialog.