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What's New with SU Podium for Google SketchUp

What's New March 9, 2012

1. EditInPlace Free for SU Podium V2 users

    If you have a license of SU Podium V2, click here to receive your free EditInPlace 1.1. You will need your V2 license code so click on License in the SU Podium V2 pull down menu. What is EditInPlace? Read about it here.

2. SU Podium 2.10 released

    SU Podium V2.10 has been released. It is a free upgrade for SU Podium Version 2 owners. Please download it from the Version 2 page.
    What is significant in SU Podium V2.10?
    Before After
  • An updated rendering engine that handles the edges between masked images and alpha transparent backgrounds better. The edges are cleaner. Click on the before and after images to see higher resolutions.
  • AA materials. Now you can decide how much anti-aliasing you want on a specific material. This comes in handy for example, if you have a leaf material assigned to hundreds of leaves. You can still keep high anti-aliasing quality globally but for the leaf material have no anti-aliasing assigned to it. This will improve the speed of the anti-aliasing portion of Podium's calculations.
  • Podium Styles have been included in the install. You no longer need to download Podium sky styles separately. This is great for customers who do not want to use physical sky for certain environments.
  • Eye dropper in the Materials dialog. Eye dropper icon has been included in the Materials dialog to help you select materials that are on curved faces
  • Bug fix for the SU Podium Browser load problem that some people were experiencing.

    2a - AA bug in Version 2.10

      We are noticing and getting reports from customers that there is a anti-aliasing bug for some scenes in Version 2.10.17. This means that in some rendered scenes the edges are not getting smoothed out and look jagged. We have uploaded Version 2.9 on the Version2 page. If this is an issue for you, please download and install Version 2.9. We are working on a fix.

3. This month's SU Podium image

    This month's feature images from the SU Podium Gallery comes from Tom De Ceuster (a.k.a Stinkie on the Forum) This image was featured on the front cover of CatchUp as well.

    Click on image to view much larger resolution. You may need to view this on the What's New web page.

    SU Podium Forum gallery is a great place to see what others are doing with SU Podium V2 and the suggestions and comments that other users are making. It's a great place to pick up some ideas for your rendering . Click on the Gallery Forum.

4. SU Podium Browser 2.0: New Paid content in February and so far in March, 2012

    The Paid section of SU Podium Browser 2.0 keeps growing with render ready lights, materials and furnishing. Check out the new Facebook account for SUPlugins which focuses on new components on the browser here - SUPlugins Facebook.
    This last month almost hundred new components ranging from furniture, people, light fixtures, kitchen equipment, household items and cars were uploaded. All items are Podium render ready. In March another 25 household and office components have been uploaded.
    Still $29 for a Paid license. SU Podium Browser is included in SU Podium and comes with a vast library of free content such as light fixtures, high resolution textures, and more. The Paid content is growing rapidly though. You can view the Paid content freely but to download these components you will need to purchase a serial number. Please read here. Access to the Paid content on Browser 2.0 is still $29 for a permanent license. But not for long.

5. Upgrade and special price reminders - SU Walk and SU Podium V2 upgrade

6. SU Podium V2 Video Tutorials are up to date

  • All the SU Podium V2 video tutorials have been updated recently to reflect the changes and additions that have been made over the year. Please take a look here