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What's New with SU Podium V2 for SketchUp

What's New with SU Podium V2, November 19, 2012

1. SU Podium V2 gallery image of the month

    We start out this November 2012 e-news with the SU Podium V2 Forum Gallery image of the month. This superb interior rendering is from Nat Ellis.

    Click on the above image to view 1600 x 800 resolution.

    SU Podium Forum gallery is a very good way to get feedback from other SketchUp and Podium users. Typically you will get respect, attention and very good suggestions and tips. Click on the Gallery Forum.

2. SU Podium V2 - Help web pages updated. Help PDF available

  • The SU Podium V2 Help pages have been re-organized so it is a little easier navigating around the help web documentation. Take a look here.
  • PDF version. There is an updated SU Podium V2 Help PDF version now based on the current web help pages. Turn on Bookmarks in your Adobe Reader and Zoom out to 100% for best results. Download the ZIP file here.
  • New to SU Podium V2? If you have just started using SU Podium V2 or evaluating it, the help videos are a good place to start. The videos are all on YouTube and most are in HD format. Take at the introduction video.

3. Podium Browser Paid Category: Light Fixtures - hundreds of new ones

    Click on the above image to view 1280 x 675 resolution.
    Podium Browser now has an amazing collection of 3D Light Fixtures with the addition of over three hundred interior and exterior lights such as Lousen Poulsen, Santa Cole and Targetti. If you already own a Paid category license, go to the Paid Light Fixture category and see the additions. Free Podium Browser users - You can see the new Light Fixture thumbnails in the Paid category as well.

    Podium Browser is installed with SU Podium V2. The $49 (USD) Paid permanent content category now has over 4,000 render ready components and materials including the new light fixtures and dozens of new backgrounds.

    Purchase a permanent license for the Paid content of Podium Browser now at $59.00 USD (Note the quanity discounts). We plan to raise the price in January with the release of Browser 2.

4. Podium Walker - release candidate Windows/ Mac

    Podium Walker Release candidate for both Mac and Windows was released today. This is now in 30 day evaluation mode. Sales will begin in early December 2012.
    This video by Nicolas Harvery, combines Podium Walker animations with SU Podium created images. There's a lot of Browser components in this model as well. Click on the image to launch a You Tube video and make sure you watch it in HD.
    What is Podium Walker?
  • It is a photo-realistic, real-time, animations plug-in for SketchUp that allows for quick photo-real visualization and video animations.
  • It works directly with SU Podium V2 and/or Podium Browser. It reads Podium's reflections, blurred reflections, refractions, bump maps, omni lights, LEM lights and translates SketchUp sun position to create it's own sun and sky light.
  • It is CPU based, not GPU based so no extra graphic requirements.
  • It renders in real-time and renders all of Podium's material properties and artificial lights.
  • It creates keyframe animations and also can record your camera navigation.
  • It will import SketchUp scenes to create keyframe animations automatically.
  • It will export to video formats such as .mp4, .m2t and .avi.
  • Supports SketchUp 8 as well as 7.
  • Supports Windows and Mac (Lion and Mountain Lion).
  • Look at some Podium Walker created videos here.

5. SU Plugins Store specials - SU Podium V2 Books

    a. Three SU Podium V2 Books are now available on the SUPlugins web store. Just in time for Christmas. Nicolas Harvey's Reference Guide, Jim Kenney's 137 page, Essentials and Jim Kenney's getting started guide, Podium V2 Quick Start All Books are 10% off until Dec.26, 2012. Read more about the books here.

6. SU Podium V2 - Photo-realistic rendering series Part 5: Night Rendering

    Jim Allen has produced an insightful series of articles which explore how to produce realistic render images from SketchUp with Podium V2. The series looks at one particular model and explorers different ways to produce high quality renderings from this model. Part 5 is the last of the series and looks at night rendering.