Reminder - The SU Podium V2.5+ update is available for $19.95 in the Cadalog Webstore

 What's New in SU Podium May 2015

The summer sun is starting to shine, but it's a month of interior rendering on the SU Podium forums. This month we've featured two different takes on the kitchen & living room theme from Gary Petrovski and Pmolson, and a new pair of bedroom renders by Dmitry Paukov.

  1. Gary Petrovski :: Sejour 03 White and Wood
  2. Pmolson :: Kitchen & Great Room
  3. Dmitry Paukov :: 18 sqm apartment

The Gallery Forum is a fantastic place to find inspiration, receive critique, and learn new tips and tricks to perfect your Podium Renders. Click here to browse the Gallery Forum.

 AIA Atlanta - Booth info for attendees:

Attention, AIA 2015 convention attendees!

SU Podium will be at the AIA Expo 2015, May 14-16 in Atlanta. Look for us at booth xxxxx (booth name: SU Podium), directly across from the SketchUp Pro booth. Convention attendees, we hope to see you in Atlanta!

Coming Soon: 180° Panoramic rendering in V2.5.1

SU Podium V2.5 Plus  is still available in the Cadalog webstore for only $9.95 until the end of April (increasing to $29.95 thereafter).

V2.5+ is the result of months of R&D to implement a switch from Ruby to C++, drastically reducing the time it takes Podium to process SketchUp geometry and export scenes to our ray-tracing engine.

 Purchase SU Podium V2.5+ in the Cadalog webstore for only $9.95 through April 30.

To complement the huge batch of 3D plants that were added last month, we've just uploaded 40 new desert plants. These are 2D image planes, perfect for use in the mid-ground or background sections of your image. These render very quickly and use alpha transparency for to produce realistic shadows.

We're adding new content to Podium Browser every month!  Podium Browser is still only $59.00 and includes thousands of high quality, render ready components, with additional models, materials, and light fixtures being added every week. Read more about the speed and efficiency of Podium Browser here. To see the full range of new Browser content, open the Podium Browser web page. Click on Agree, then click on Show only recent files.

Webstore Deals

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers from the Podium Browser FAQ:

 Important - Your web browser must accept cookies.  If Internet Explorer or Safari cannot save cookies to your computer, only the "Show Recent Files only" will display in Podium Browser no matter what category you choose. If you think this is happening to you, open Internet Explorer or Safari and make sure cookies can be saved or stored on you computer. Read more about cookies in Podium Browser here.

  • Note: By default SketchUp dialog boxes use Internet Explorer settings for Windows and Safari for Mac. Changing the settings in Firefox, Chrome, etc. will do nothing for the Podium Browser SketchUp plug-in.

 More frequently asked questions:

  1. Why do I see "Invalid Component file" message?
  2. Why do I see "Paid content is not available without a valid license"?
  3. Serial number problems. Did enter your serial number correctly?
  4. Browser items not rendering? Check layer visibility.
  5. Mac Maverick Safari 7 problems - please update

Podium Browser paid content includes thousands of render ready components that you can click and drop into SketchUp.

Embedded in the various categories are thousands of Podium materials, furniture items, plants, faucets, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, 3D and 2D trees, grass, 2D people, 3D cars, exterior items, thousands of light fixtures and much more. These components are all modeled with skill and crafted in SketchUp with SU Podium V2 & V2+ properties. This will enable you to create your kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, exteriors and landscape designs in SketchUp effectively.

Rendering the Browser components photo-realistically with SU Podium V2 or Podium Walker does not require anything but to turn the render button on. Podium Browser free content is included in SU Podium V2 free trial or full version. The Paid content must be purchased.


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