Support Check List for SU Podium V2

If you are experiencing install problems, run time errors or crashes with SU Podium V2, to help us determine the problem, before contacting Support we would greatly appreciate it if you can run through this check list and answer as many of these questions as possible. Send as much information as you can with your support questions.

  • SU Podium V2 OS version - are you using Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac OS-X?
  • What version of SketchUp do you have? i.e.SketchUp 7, 8 or 2013.
  • Please do a simple model test. The easiest test is to create a cube in a new SketchUp file and render it. Does it render? You can also download and open one of the sample models from this page and click on Render. Are there any problems rendering the sample models? This will help us understand if the rendering problem is due limited to a specific model or not.
  • SU Podium versions - which version number of SU Podium are you using? If you are experiencing crashes, ignore this question.

    If you do not know the version number, click here.

  • If you are experience render problem where Podium Render Manager starts but nothing is happening please read this FAQ item. and this "Why is Podium Failing to Render?"
  • Windows users - Do you have over 4 gb of memory and using a Windows 64 bit version of Windows 7? If so, please download and install the Win64 bit version of SU Podium V2.
  • System Memory. Often crashes occur due to a combination of lack of system memory and the size of the SketchUp model and possibly the resolution output size you are rendering to. Here is a short memory and model size check list:
    • Windows - go to Control Panel and click on System and report the memory amount and the CPU information.
    • Mac - Go to About this Mac and report on memory amount and CPU information.
  • Model Info. Open the "problem" model and go to SketchUp's Window, Model Info and check on statistics and click on Show Nested Components. Report on the number of faces in the model. (Keep in mind that if you have several hundred thousand faces you will need to be using the Win64 or Mac version with over 4 gb of memory.)
  • Run Podium Tools---Analyse on the model. Go to the SU Podium V2 menu, click on Tools and Analyse. This may take a few minutes. Look at your lower left corner of your SketchUp viewport to see progress. Please report on the results. Infomation on Podium Tools is here.