Mismatched license codes with V2.5 or V2 will create an invalid license message

    The license manager will display an invalid license message if you are either trying to activate SU Podium V2 with a V2.5 license or vice verse.

      Note: Invalid license message will also happen if you are trying to activate SU Podium V2.x with a Podium Browser Paid content license. Please read here.
    The best thing to do is to check to see what version of SU Podium you are running by selecting the About menu option in the SU Podium pull down menu.
    If you have a SU Podium version that is not V2.5.x and you are trying to activate it with a V2.5.x license code, you will get an invalid license message. The same is true if you have an older V2 or V2 Plus license code but have installed V2.5.x.
    If you have not purchased a V2.5 upgrade, please do so before trying to activate a V2.5.x license.
    If you have purchased V2.5.x but the version number in the About page says V2.18.xxx or earlier, you need to follow the Uninstall instructions first. From this page, choose Uninstall Previous Versions.

    After successfully, uninstalling, download and install V2.5.x.

    If the opposite is true, and your About --->version says V2.5.xxx, make sure you are activating this version with a V2.5.x license code.