SU Podium V2.18.9xx, latest V2 Plus version

Works with SketchUp 8 and 2014, Windows and SketchUp 2014 for Mac

1. What is SU Podium V2.18.9xx - the latest V2 Plus release

  • V2.18.9xx is a free V2 Plus update with several bug fixes, an updated version of Podium Image Editor and support for Mac 64 bit (Windows version already supported 64 bit).
  • This update includes Podium Image Editor 1.3 which introduces several new post processing features.
  • For Mac V2.18.9xx now supports Mac OS-X 64 bit. This means if you have enough system memory (RAM), you can render much larger models than you could previously.
  • Fixes the problem that forced Mac users to use Force Quit with SketchUp 2014.
  • Fixes the interior_preview preset problem.
  • Geometry caching bug is not fixed but by default, it is turned off.
  • Fixes the problem with multi-byte material names not rendering.
  • Update is free for SU Podium V2 Plus users.

2. Download and install SU Podium V2.18.9xx for SketchUp 2014 (Win/ Mac) or SketchUp 8 (Win/Mac).

    Windows SU Podium V2.18.9xx supports Windows 7 and 8 for SketchUp 8 or 2014.
    Mac OS-X SU Podium V2.18.9xx only supports SkechUp 8 or SketchUp 2014 at this time. No need to update your V2 Plus version if you are on Mac SketchUp 2013.

      It's best to Uninstall previous version V2.17.992 before installing the V2.18.9xx version.

      Make sure you have a copy of your sixteen character V2 Plus license. Simply select the License option from SU Podium V2 Plus pull down menu to see your license number.

          Windows users please read here on uninstall or removing SU Podium V2.17.992.

3. Podium Image Editor Update (PIE 1.3)

    Several new features have been added to Podium Image Editor in V2.18.930.

    Load Background options

    Load Background from your local folder or from a Podium Image Editor Library.

    Podium Image Editor Background Library

    There is a web based Podium Image Editor library that has several hundreds images in various categories that you can use. Cadalog will be adding to this image library periodically.

    If you use the image library, select the image and use the magnify glass and increase the image size. Then right click on the image. You will see an option to Set background. By selecting this option, the image will be loaded into PIE as the background. Make sure that you have an alpha transparent image loaded in PIE before adding background images.

    Example background added to PIE and Podium rendered image.

    Move background images

    Moving background images is now much easier than in previous PIE versions. Just select Move backgrounds from the Tools menu and grab the background image.

    Resize background images

    You can now resize background images easily.


    The history drop-down maintains a change-log and allows you undo changes to a precise point in the editing process. However once the “Apply” button is clicked, history is cleared and you will no longer be able to reverse changes using the “History” or “Cancel” buttons. In this case, you would need to close the file and reload an older version from the OOPR or manually from the file menu of the Podium Image Editor. The History log does not work with Preset filters.

    Preset filters

    Presets are predefined filter sets that will apply a specific look to your render very quickly. Select a preset to preview it in PIE, and click the apply button when you are happy with the outcome.

    DOF or Depth of Field

    Although named DOF, this effect is similar to a Tilt-Shift function. This is where you can choose the sharp region of an image in PIE with either a ellipse or rectangle shaped aperture and the amount of blur for the unsharp regions. The blur is controlled by the size and intensity of the aperture as well as the Depth of Field slider.

    Vertical rescaling of the PIE dialog box

    The vertical rescaling bug that would not allow you to resize the PIE dialog box vertically, has been fixed. Furthermore, the default PIE dialog box size has been decreased to fit any display resolution.